2018 Year/Month Calendar

2018 Year/Month Calendar


Yearly calendar can display any year - defaults to 2018. Labels events on mostly fixed holidays. Click on a month to zoom in click on the title bar of the month to zoom out. Defaults to year 2018 but can be changed. Append a 4 digit year to the url of the SVG image, i.e. https://freesvg.org/storage/zip/blog/calendar2018.svg?year=2000   For a month calendar pass a number 1-12 as the month, i.e. https://freesvg.org/storage/zip/blog/calendar2018.svg?month=2. Both parameters can be passed, i.e. https://freesvg.org/storage/zip/blog/calendar2018.svg?month=2&year=2000 Code can be easily edited to add or delete events


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