Bored Lady

Bored Lady


I am not shy to say (and I hope it's ok to say) that I am a total Openclipart loyalist. But that site seems to be dead? So I am "testing the waters" so to speak by adding a few clipart here to share with the world over here on Freesvg. (I shared tons of clipart over the years on openclipart, many that are on this site now too, and so I might as well add some here I guess.)

This lady is a bit bored, and she has weird eyes. But she is watching what will happen to this site.

USER CAN POST WHAT THEY WANT NO? Why we policing descriptions? This is FREE SVG not "police state Svg" gosh what the heck.

I dont get the whole freaking out about what people write on here. If the user doesn't speak English, the more words the better practice they will get. One learns by trying. Words aren't scary.


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Date: 22/11/2019

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