calendar 2015

calendar 2015


Calendar for year 2015 A.D.1. Generate calendar with "pcal -w -t Arial -d Arial -s 1:0:0 -g sun -b sat -B 2015" > cal.ps2. import into Inkscape and save as cal.svg3. vi: change all "Arial" in svg to "Nimbus Sans L"4. delete table raster: xmlstarlet ed --delete //svg:path cal.svg > cal2.svgThen open in Inkscape and adjust visuals to match the 2014 calendar by loveandread.Year: 56 pt, Bold, 60% greyMonth: 18pt, Bold, 70% greyOut-of-month-days: 176/176/176 grey (a little under 30%)Center single-digit numbers.


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