christmas natale natal navidad noel

christmas natale natal navidad noel


Another card for my favorite year period. Again, with help of many elements from openclipart, particularly:- snowflakes from Arvin61r58, TheresaKnott, mobius, spacefem, darth_schmoo, molumen and Lazur URH;- star field from alnilam and stars from Magnesus and tasper;- wonderful tree of stars from cyberscooty;- tree decorations from Keistutis, Lemonade_jo, jarda, scigola and Merlin2525;- nice snowman and snow floor from (PD license);- to make the snowman even better, used elements from (CCSA4) and a beautiful cap with pars from ilnanny and erics.Hopefully, did not leave anyone out this time.Our world needs peace, respect and compassion. Do your share.


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Date: 03/04/2020

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