E Commerce


E Commerce


Commerce is the exchange of goods and services between economic actors. Commerce is the exchange of products, services, or other valuable items between enterprises or entities. In general, governments are concerned with regulating trade in a way that improves residents' well-being by creating employment and generating valuable commodities and services.


Since people began exchanging products and services with one another, commerce has existed. From the earliest days of bartering through the formation of currencies and the establishment of trade routes, mankind have sought out methods to exchange goods and services and have built a distribution system around it.

Today, commerce is most commonly associated with large-scale macroeconomic purchases and sells of commodities and services. A transaction is defined as the sale or purchase of a single item by a consumer, whereas commerce refers to all transactions relating to the purchase and selling of that item in an economy. The majority of trade takes place beyond national borders and involves the purchasing and selling of things.

Commercial activity, when effectively handled, may swiftly improve a country's standard of living and raise its international status. Large enterprises, on the other hand, can become excessively strong and inflict negative externalities on citizens for the advantage of business owners if commerce is left uncontrolled. Many countries have created governmental bodies to promote and manage business, such as the United States Department of Commerce or private chambers of commerce like the Raymond Ville Chamber of Commerce.


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