Namestamp Japan

Namestamp Japan


Here in Japan there is a tradition to stamp things with a little red seal. No no no, not the animal! A stamp. No no no, not for the post office! A little mark with ink, to make it official. Like a signature in the West. This can be called (among other things depending on its use!) hanko, or inkan. Apparently the Chinese call it yìnjiàn or something. None the less its pretty cool, right? However, in my quest to fill in all the missing clipart gaps here at Openclipart, I noticed we didnt seem to have any clipart for an inkan name stamp thing. (If any literate person makes a this is *my* hanko pun, I will groan!) So I made this with my bear hands. Im a bear?! I mean, my bare hands. For you. And the future. Enjoy!


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Date: 22/03/2020

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