Gentle giants of the sea

Gentle giants of the sea


I stumbled across a graph of the numbers of blue whales in the past century whilst reading the Wikipedia entry on blue whales and whaling. I enjoyed reading these articles and found it sad that we’ve knocked them down the IUCN Red List all the way to ‘endangered’ in under 70 years of whaling. I hope maybe to see one of these chaps in the wild. \n \nSo this is just something to remind people of how quickly we can endanger a species. With whales, we’re even more removed because… well most of us don’t live in the ocean. We’re ‘removed’ from much of what we eat — both meat and vegetables, not to mention synthetic products — so next time you see something on your plate or you’re unwrapping a candy, consider where it is from and if it sounds interesting, consider taking a look. \n \nPersonally though, whale-watching is more interesting than visiting a confectionery factory, but that’s just me. :) \n \nKind regards, \nPascal \n \nPS. The typeface used in this work is Bodoni ITC, designed originally by Giambattista Bodoni. The digitized Bodoni ITC versions are based on 6, 12 and 72 point originals. For more information online see the ITC website or Wikipedia. Obviously because of licensing issues the textual elements have been converted to paths. \n \nPPS. With the amount text and vector blurs, you're best off working layer by layer. Remember all the textual elements have been converted to paths and thus are more complex to calculate on the fly by Inkscape! (Essentially I recommend working on a powerful machine.) \n \nFinally this work also resides on deviantART:


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