View the images of the most downloaded openclipart. Script in the SVG image uses the developer API to access the most downloaded clip art and display the images in the frame. Optional formatting commands below: Pass a query string to the SVG image for specific control by appending: ?variable=value&variable=value to the url of the svg image Variables are defined as follows: Specify a timeout (default = 5 seconds) by appending t=timeout in seconds (minumim is 2) Specify a colored backgrounds by appending bg=color Specify an image background color by appending ibg=color in the query string of the url where color can be a color name, rgb(r,g,b), or hex. If hex, # must be passed as %23 Remove frame by passing f=0 in the query string of the url If the frame is not displayed, the credits are not displayed either Remove credits by passing c=0 in the query string of the url - not required if f=0 is passed. Can turn credits on by adding c=1 after f=0 i.e. ?f=0&c=1 Bypass 1 second delay required for upload to openclipart by adding d=0 to the query string of the url Keyboard navigation: right arrow - advance, left arrow - go back, down arrow - pause Clicking on right, left, and bottom of image provides same navigation with or without frame displayed


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Date: 16/03/2021

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