The Lilly Dallas Story 2015070701


The Lilly Dallas Story 2015070701


One of the best stories in the Untouchables is about Lilly Dallas, played by Norma Crane. Here is the synopsis from IMDB: "Lily Dallas is a highly intelligent ex-con who has a history of committing bank robberies. This time she and her husband George Blackie Dallas, who is known for his deft use of a Tommy gun, kidnap a well known and very rich businessman Thomas B. Randall and demand $300,000 ransom. Mrs. Randall follows their instructions and doesnt contact the police until after she has paid the ransom so Ness puts out a rumor that all of the bills have been marked. Blackie however is beginning to chafe under Lilys orders, all the more so as she is having an affair with a member of her crew, Marty Stoke. With the ransom money now unmovable, they go back to robbing banks." Norma Crane Source:


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