todayskanji 168 rei

todayskanji 168 rei


a kanji which is read as "rei" which is a kanon-reading and means "the act of respecting one"some of kanjis has some readings and some of kanjis has only one readingat first ,you can consider there are two types of reading.A:"onyomi" which means "on-reading"B:"kunyomi" which means "kun-reading"and then,moreover,"onyomi" has two types of readingA1:"goon" which means "go-on-reading"A2:"kanon" which means "kan-on-reading"that is,roughly speaking,there are three types of reading"kun or kunyomi","goon"and "kanon"The kanji which I picked up herehas the three pronunciations of 1:rei as kanon 2:rai as goon 3:nori as kun or kunyomi For more information about this kanji ,you can see here:https:en.wiktionary.orgwiki%E7%A4%BC


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