Wii buttons, mouse buttons, keyboard keys

Wii buttons, mouse buttons, keyboard keys


A collection of buttons and keys from: * Wii Remote * Wii Nunchuk * Wii Classic Controller * Computer mouse * Computer keyboard Includes the following Wii keys: D-pad, A, B, 1, 2, + (plus), - (minus), home, power, C, Z, a, b, x, y, L, R, ZL, ZR, analog stick Includes a plain D-pad and a D-pad highlighted in each of the four directions. Also includes Wii Remote LED light indicators. Includes a simple mouse drawing and also each mouse button highlighted (left button, right button, scroll/wheel up, scroll/wheel down). Includes keyboard keys for arrows (up, down, left, right), Esc, Enter, Page Up, Page Down, Win (AKA Super). Includes multimedia keyboard keys: volume up, volume down, stop, play/pause, previous, next, rewind, forward. The entire file was created manually, by actually writing the SVG source-code in a text editor. Thus, the file size is relatively small, the code is relatively clean, and all relevant graphic elements have descriptive IDs, making them easy to (re)use. Inspirations used while building this graphic are listed as comments inside the source-code. Also commited to GitHub: https://github.com/denilsonsa/denilsonsa.github.io/commit/1cc29483061b841d758dcd420f461c12227a3db1 Note: Inkscape 0.48 does not render this file correctly. Both Firefox and Chrome render it correctly, though. Note 2: This version has replaced the trademarked Windows logo with plain text.


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