teddy hatched


teddy hatched


Got this laying around and never finished the tracing. Why? There is the ready-made hatching filter, that "can" take in any kind of a pattern as the base for the hatching trace. However inkscape refuses to make it happen. Made the parrallel line pattern by grouping objects with repeating gradient fills, cloned the group and pulled in the group into the filter with an image filter primitive, just as before. There seems to be a bug, because all it pulls in by that is the bottom-most object of the cloned group. Anyway, uploading this for anyone to test it. Eventually I got over the problem, used a bitmap copy of the group instead, then created a bitmap copy of the filtered object and bitmap traced it for a full vector output. tl;dr: its a teddybear in process image for hatching.


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Date: 07/11/2020

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