daruma doll monochrome

daruma doll monochrome


This is the remix of "Daruma-doll-female" which is uploaded in monochrome.This image depicts a folk-toy-doll called "hime-daruma" which is a female version of "Daruma"."hime-daruma" is a female Daruma doll."hime(ひめ in hiragana or 姫 in kanji)" in Japanese means "princess" in English.  "hime-daruma" or "姫だるま" in kanji and hiragana has been made as a folk toy at Tketa-city ,Ooita Prefecture in Japan.The original image is into the Public Domain.you can see it here :     http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E7%AB%B9%E7%94%B0%E5%B8%82#/media/File:Himedaruma_taketa.jpgI made it through Trace Bitmap in inkscape.Thanks.


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