They were a bit more openly morbid back in the past maybe. This image is of a baby hanging. I guess the only way to clearly understand the thinking behind that is to read the original article that accompanied it. I dont usually preserve that along with the synthesized clipart, but in this case its worth a read I guess:........................ HER BABY! The other day a man was "hangedby the neck until dead."To the executioner, the doctors,the newspaper men, the jury thattried him, the judge that sentencedhim, HE WAS A MAN!But to a woman- the woman whobrought him into this world of ours,he was a baby; HER BABY!To this poor, worn, heartbrokenlittle woman, the being on the gallows, that being with a black capclosing his eyes to his fellow man;that being with a tightening noosearound his neck was NOT a man. Asshe sat in her darkened home andwaited for the moment that was todash HER BABY into eternity, herthought harkened back again for themillionth time to her babys cradledays.Again and again she hugged in herempty arms the spirit form of herbaby. She crooned over the baby asshe used to do. She looked into thoseeyes and saw the black cap! Shekissed the babys neck and felt theterrible hangmans rope. She touchedbabys tiny toes and found themstanding on the gallows!Just keep that thought in mindwhen you read about a man beinghanged. Somewhere mother THEMOTHER OF THAT MAN is havingburned into her heart THE HANGING OF HER BABY!You know, it isnt that mothersfault that her baby turned out to bewhat the world calls a "bad man."She didnt put the poolroom, the saloon, the gambling den in her boysway. Society did all that; and society is now hanging the product ofits own making.Is it right?


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