Inquire 1 2017121340


Inquire 1 2017121340


Dear Sir, We know that you are machinery manufacturer from the database. Now we have an order of Stainless steel ventilation, and we want your inquire. The specific requires as the followings: 1. Product Name: Stainless steel ventilation 2. Product quantity: 60000 pieces. 3. Materials:304£¨2b£© 4. Require: Made as our drawings. 5. Technical requirements: ¡À1mm; fineness:400mesh, 6. Terms of Payment: After we confirm your quotation, we will sign manufacture contract with you and we will pay 40% T/T goods payments as the special finance of purchase original material. The rest 60% payment we will open an L/C credit . 7. Delivery Time: Deliver the first batches goods which are 5000 pieces within 90 days after receiving the prepayment and finished within 12 months 8.Quotation Requirements: Products quotation included the packing fee, and calculated in USD or EURO by FOB. 9. This order is for three years ,When it is finished in the first year, we will conclude the order of next year. Period of Validity: 45 days Best Regards Ms. Maxine ¡¾ÍøÒ××ÔÓª¡¿ºÃ³Ôµ½±¬£¡ÏÊÏ㵯»¬¼ÓÈȼ´Ê³£¬¾­µä13Ïã/ÂéÀ±Ð¡ÁúϺ½ö75Ôª3½ï>>


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