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The importance of LinkedIn to professionals, particularly marketers, boils down to user intent. While most individuals use Facebook and Instagram to interact with friends and family or to unwind, Medialicious points out that people use LinkedIn to grow, connect, learn, and meet new people in their last research. People are flocking to LinkedIn to keep in contact and connected with their coworkers and teams as a result of the current epidemic and a growth in remote working.

When you combine that strong user purpose with the platform's recent expansion, it's clear that it's a worldwide, professional networking area. LinkedIn is used by about 700 million individuals, and 45 percent of internet users who earn more than $75,000 each year do so.

However, there's another interesting statistic for marketers: four out of every five LinkedIn users make business choices at their organizations. According to Michaela, 92 percent of LinkedIn users also use YouTube, so if you're marketing on YouTube, you could find success on LinkedIn with the same or comparable audience.


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