todayskanji 194 harahachibu

todayskanji 194 harahachibu


a japanese proverb.The direct translation is:abdomen or stomach eight-tenthsdoes not need a doctor the kanji called "bun" is also read "bu or fun or pun" which means "to divide"when it is called "fun or pun""fun or pun" means "minute"the reading is like this:1minute is read "ip-pun"2minutes is read "ni-fun"3minutes is read "san-pun"4minutes is read "yon-pun"5minutes is read "go-fun"6minutes is read "rop-pun"7minutes is read "nana-fun"or "shichi-fun"."shichi-fun" is difficult to read .I dont use this reading,perhaps.8minutes is read "hachi-fun"or "hap-pun"9minutes is read "kyuu-fun"10minutes is read "jip-pun"60"pun" means 1hour"The pronunciation of "pun" is not "pun" in English but near "poon" of "spoon" in English.For more information about the kanji called "bun or bu or pun or fun" is here:http:en.wiktionary.orgwiki%E5%88%86


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