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Document Template


A document with a pre-determined page layout and design that can be updated to produce the desired finished document in electronic or paper media. A template will show you where to put key page elements and may include standard text or graphics as needed. They're made to save time (the layout doesn't have to be built up from start every time) and enable the creation of a large number of new documents using an existing design, pattern, or style.

Label templates are documents that contain the layout of a sheet of labels or the shape of a single label and are used to design labels in label printing. The required label design is then filled in around each outline. A label template enables a user to start designing their labels right away, without needing to first create a grid or outline that perfectly matches their labels. It can also be used to store label designs or produce new labels based on an existing design that only requires minor changes or additional information.

Label templates can be created with all of the necessary information included, or they can be used in conjunction with a mail merge tool to add variable information to each label when the template is merged with a data source.

Some tools (such as word processors and graphic design packages) provide label templates, but they can also be downloaded as standalone documents (the most common formats for label templates are Word documents and PDF files).

The stencil, pattern, or overlay used in graphic arts and sewing to recreate letters, forms, or designs is referred to as a template. For example, the stencil used in screen printing is referred to as a template.

Free Templates offers Word and PDF templates for all of our label sizes, which may be downloaded for free from our website.


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